Historically speaking I’ve sorta always had a problem with authority and as I got older I realized that the only way I can be me and still live on the planet earth with some form of sanity is by doing things for yourself.  So I created DIY with Trinity is my blog where I show you how to do fun things you can do to boost yourself in happiness, health and wellness, with where your mind is may be at, in business, and at home.

So a little about me, well I’m trinity like the Church, the School, and yes the Matrix!


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But I’ve decided to say no more 9-5 jobs, no more making someone else’s dreams come true. I’m taking back my life. I’ve worked many jobs in my time here on the planet earth canvassing, waitressing, gas station clerk, retail, IT, pizza delivery, the list goes on. Well I’ve had enough! I’m done giving my time and not getting paid what I’m worth. So I’ve decided to quit! Yes that’s right quit!

I went to school spent so much time away from my family, I didn’t get to be there when they needed me the most because I was busy chasing what I thought at the time was the way to get a better life, sure I had a great time, I lived a little, and learned some things but I missed out on so much time I could have spent building on ways to help myself help others. I’m a passionate person, I’m passionate about people, passionate about helping others. And doing what feels good.

And if  you’re still reading  Great!

Because I have worked really hard to deliver these tips, tricks, hacks, and tweaks, that will help you grow in all aspects of your life.  I have much to share and more things will keep coming over time.

So stick around because it only gets better!

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